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KORG microSAMPLER as a sound design tool
- Written by Drew Spence; Editor in Chief Producer's Edge Digital Magazine
Mastery of one's own music production is a lifelong journey filled with growth and experimentation. We expand our understanding of the creative process as we acquire new skills, perfect techniques and build the toolset that makes this all possible. There comes a point where we want more control over the finer points of our music...
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Griffin Avid's Corner Articles

Creating a Rhythm Track from Scratch [Issue 3 Producer's Edge]
My goal for this installment of Griffin Avid's Corner is to create a drum track, including the sounds, using only the native effects and wave generating abilities of my sequencer. We'll be using Adobe Audition 3 although much of this workshop can be executed in most DAW apps.

Programming the microKORG XL [Issue 6 Producer's Edge]
For hip hop and rap we will focus on powerful sounds that can maintain interest or become the meat of the record using a minimalist approach. In other words we'll be making a few good sounds as opposed to layers and layers of average patches piled up to sound useable. We'll also avoid drowning the patches in effects and do what we need to do with raw waveforms and oscillators and modest virtual patching and modulation.

Creative Applications for the KORG microSAMPLER
I want to add the sampling dimension back into my music, but sampling is often eliminated as a creative option for many of the commercial opportunities I've come across. Although the microSAMPLER is very comfortable with looped material and live manipulation, I've been considering the creative applications that will broaden my palette with samples and remove many concerns surrounding sample clearance.

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