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MicroSAMPLEs Volume I:The Griffin Avid creates 4 powerful sound banks for the KORG microSAMPLER. These construction kits contain drums mixed with a bass, lead, music and FX elements. These sounds are here in both microSAMPLER sound bank format and standard WAVE (16bit, 44100). Feed your Sampler.

This offering is 4 banks of sounds/samples for the microSAMPLER. There are one or two sample slots left open for your own sampling or loading of samples. I kept the bank arrangement very similar so you can experiment with loading different sound banks with each pattern you create. That should yield some interesting results. Once you get to the sustained melodic elements, you should switch to keyboard mode to play the elements at different pitches. Some drum kits are 'boosted' (squashed by the Griffin FX) and it's normal for them to be louder than the standard drum sounds. You can use the free Soft Editor to load these Sound Banks into your microSAMPLER.

This package is FREE in microSAMPLER format. Please visit this page for download links. Please note: The microSAMPLER format is ONLY for the KORG microSAMPLER and there is no bulk export function.
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