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Kraken: Thank you for checking out the Kraken Spectralis 2 drum package. It's produced by Griffin Avid from It's a sampling from my HUGE library of drum sounds.

Why: I love the Spectralis 2. Simple as that.
What: It's a bunch of drum sounds.
808, 909 full drum kits (3)
kick Drum/Bass Drum (48).
Snares (50)
Hats (10)
Percs (15)
How: Spectralis 2 owners; Unzip the download content. It's in SLC format so you just Drag-n-Drop the Kraken.SLC file directly to your USB connected Spectralis. The files are browsed/Loaded using the OSC WAVE (when choosing SELECT and numbered drum slot) since these are considered Samples by the Spectralis 2. You can/should change the type to Dynamic so that the Spectralis doesn't load the entire sample set upon start.

Spectralis I owners; I assume you've done this before, but if you just bought a Spectralis then see the included manual for directions. Also there are many threads regarding this procedure on the Spectralis user's forum.

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