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BoomBoxx: Thanks for breaking into the Boom BoXX drum package. It's produced by Griffin Avid from If you can't bang them with this; then you need to find something else to do. Really.

Spectralis 2 owners; Unzip the download content. It's in SLC format so you just Drag-n-Drop the BoomBoXX.SLC file directly to your USB connected Spectralis. The files are browsed/Loaded using the OSC WAVE (when choosing SELECT and numbered drum slot) since these are considered Samples by the Spectralis 2. You can/should change the LOAD type to Dynamic so that the Spectralis doesn't load the entire sample set upon start. If you do load these sounds and the Spectralis does not see them or you encounter [----], it means too many files have been loaded into the memory and you need to change some of your library to DYNAMIC loading. This is on page 148 of the Manual. These Drums are located under category HIP HOP.
Spectralis I owners; I assume you've done this before, but if you just bought a Spectralis then see the included manual for directions. Also there are many threads regarding this procedure on the Spectralis user's forum.

Boom Boxx: Heavy drum hits by Griffin Avid stored in Spectralis 2 format
and standard WAVE format (44100, 16 bit) for all other kit hosts.
91 Elements total, mostly kicks and snares

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